Other than a handlettering enthusiast, i have enthusiasm for personal development. I read a lot of books written by Dr. Carol Dweck, Tina Seelig, Sir Ken Robinson, Edward de Bono, et cetera. I started reading these books during the second year of university. I was at my lowest during that time, and find it very motivating to read quotes. So, i spent everyday reading for quotes when i stumble upon Goodreads Quotes. It has a lot of amazing quotes from hundreds of people, including quotes from book. When i like a quote, i look at who said it and from which book (if available). Then i started to find all these self-help books, and decided to read them, and i fell in love. Its like finding the motivation i needed to live my life. It changed my way of thinking, too.

If you read motivational quotes, you will find quotes such as “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” i cant help but feel slightly offended. A few weeks ago my sister called me a ‘quitter’ for quitting my previous job. It felt terrible. It felt as if they are accusing me for a crime i did not commit. Obviously, the way i see quitting here is different with my sister’s. Depending on the situation, the way i see it, quitting is not always a bad thing. If someone quits a job because he/she decides to do something she’s a passionate about, is she a quitter? I’d say no. I think it’s very courageous to leave your comfort zone to pursue something you’re passionate about. When you’re passionate about something, no matter how hard it is, you’ll fight for it, you’ll keep moving forward despite the obstacles. For example, do you know how hard it is to be a ballerina? behind those pretty silk ballerina shoes, their toenails are cracking, some even fell off, have a toe joint inflammation, and other horrifying things you can think of. Yet, they still dance. Another example is my boyfriend. He loves football (love is an understatement, really) and he has been playing football all his life. One day his ankle got kicked, and something got ripped inside. Now his ankle is weaker than most ankles, yet he still plays football. a lot. We can see here that passion plays a big role, and it could drive you further and exceed your limitations. So quitting on what makes you unhappy to find what makes you happy (and successful) sound like a better option right?

Most people quit jobs because the experience was not pleasant, either they are not treated right or simply because the work is something they don’t enjoy doing, which makes them unhappy. If people can advise you to break a relationship that makes you unhappy, why can’t people quit a job that makes them unhappy too? It is too subjective i think to say that quitting is for the weak. Many successful people quit school. So, are they weak? Quitting what is not working opens up room on what might work better, as quoted from inc.com. Quitting may even boost self-development if we spare some time to think of our mistakes, what went wrong and how we could possibly do better in the future. So, quitting should not always be equated with something negative.

A few weeks since i quit my job, i thought to myself, why not do things that i’ve been wanting to do? I always liked writing, even though im not (yet) an expert on writing. So why not start a blog? Well.. mission accomplished. But i’m also interested in personal development and to motivate people, why not motivate other people through social media? So i created a LINE@ account which provides motivational quotes and inspirational stories through pictures. I still only have a few followers, but it doesn’t matter. Another mission accomplished. But what about my enthusiasm in handlettering? I set up an instagram account for my handletterings, too. I know it sounds greedy, but i just cant stand it! I feel like i have to make up the time i have lost, and now.. im having fun updating all of them! I have to say, im happier now. Sometime in the future, i hope i can make earnings from the things i love doing.

Dont worry, quitting does not mean you are a failure. Sometimes, it just means that you’re doing something good for yourself. Find the things you love doing, and live a life worth living!


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