The Life of an Unemployed.

Yes, i finally got the guts to resign. Yes, i am nervous because i have to pay a hefty fine for breaking a contract. No, i dont have a new job yet. But then again, yes, i am relieved.

I was once told that when you resign you lost a chance to develop yourself. It does make sense. Although i have a slightly different view about this. When you resign, you lost a chance to develop yourself… but only in that certain place. Personal Development, as i see it, isn’t that narrow. There are hundreds of way to develop yourself such as reading books, learning a new language, join a seminar or workshop, learn new skills, challenge yourself to do things you’ve never done before, the list is endless. I will talk about my personal development later on my next post.

So after a long consideration, i decided to resign. I resigned simply because how the work itself is making me feel. I always write that i “love learning new things” in my resume, simply because i really do enjoy it. But it struck me that in my previous job, i did not feel it anymore. I started to dread going to work, and even seeing my manager felt like a punishment (i worked as an Assistant Manager so imagine the torture, lol). But what really bothered me was that i was constantly stressed to the point that people outside of work were  affected as well. So I thought, this is it.. it’s time for me to make some changes. I may not have a job yet, but i am doing something that i have been wanting to do. I started applying for volunteer work, started a blog (this one), started an Instagram account for my handlettering hobby, started a motivational account on LINE@, and it gave me something to do, so thats good. Everyday i wake up early and set my goals for the day. It could be creating a blog post (like today) or design a content for my LINE@ account. I’m enjoying what i do and i hope it could sharpen my skills in these fields.

Do what you like, like what you do!



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